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Time and a Cyclone is an English novel written by Sudharsan S.N.. The novel was succesfully released on the 30th of August, 2004, by the Chairman and Chief Mentor of Infosys Technologies - Mr.N.R.Narayana Murthy. The novel has hit the stands across all the leading bookstores in Chennai and Bangalore.

The availability of Time and a Cyclone was made to coincide with 22nd December 2004, which marked 40th Anniversary of the Dhanushkodi Cyclone.

Time and a Cyclone has generated more heat after the December 26th Tsunami, because of the uncanny coincidence and exact visual description it bears to a real tsunami which strikes a fictional place called Adiokentha in the novel. The novel was also submitted to the Man-Booker Prize 2005. It was selected for the preliminary listings and was read by the panel of judges. Though the book did not make it to the longlisting, it was greatly appreciated for it's style and simplicity.

This is the homepage of Time and a Cyclone and contains comprehensive information about the novel - Story silhouette, characters, readers' comments and also regularly update details about the availability of the novel at a bookstore near you. This site is being maintained by Srishti

Please note that the bookstore-sales of "Time and a Cyclone" has been closed, it was available from August 2004 till April 2007, across all leading bookstores in India and also online through Fabmall. The novel had received a great response.

'Time and a Cyclone' is available online at Indiaplaza.in. It is listed under the 'English Paperback' category in this page: 'Time and a Cyclone'

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Time and a Cyclone
Sudharsan S.N.

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This is what the readers of Time and a Cyclone have to say about the novel

Nandan M.Nilekani
"A nice and moving book!"
Shreyas S.
"The attention to detail is commendable. The names of characters and places are truly memorable - they keep lingering in your mind, long after you have read the novel. This is truly a must-read!......"
Vijaykumar Premkumar, Story Writer

"...I really appreciate how you have been able to weave in a story, emotions as well as a message into your literature ...."
Sangeetha Pradeep

"...Very neatly said, without any frills attached. A sensible, simple novel narrated in a style where visualizing the story became very easy.One would know this is your first novel, only if one knew that fact..."

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About the Author

Sudharsan S.N. is a graduate-research student in Linguistics and is currently in British Columbia, Canada. He is a Freelance Writer, Singer and a Linguist. More information about the author is available @: